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By: Press release 10/2016

17th KWF-Tagung opens with a new exhibitor record

On the morning of June 9, the 17th KWF-Tagung opened in Roding with a record number of exhibitors. About 550 exhibitors from 25 countries will show off their products in action over the next four days. There were also increases in the number of stops on the specialist excursion and the topics in the specialist conference. The event was opened jointly by State Minister Helmut Brunner, Clemens Neumann (the Head of the Forestry Department at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture), Patrik Mlynář (the Deputy Minister of Forestry of the partner country Czech Republic), and Robert Morigl (Chairman of the KWF).

Opening of the 17th KWF-Tagung

At the opening, Helmut Brunner was delighted “that Bavaria is finally hosting a KWF-Tagung again after 31 years”. After all, Bavaria is the state with the most forests in Germany.

Patrik Mlynář made it clear that he was enormously happy that the Czech Republic is the partner country of the 17th KWF-Tagung. “Forests are the national wealth of all countries and are an irreplaceable part of the environment. The KWF has found a very apt motto for this year’s KWF-Tagung. It expresses the interdependence of people, forests and wood: Forests – People – Markets – Sustainable synergies. It has been confirmed that these areas fit with each other and logically link to one another,” said Mlynář.

During a tour through the trade fair, the delegation stopped at a few exhibitors with particularly innovative products. “The KWF-Tagung clearly demonstrates that modern forestry work is efficient, environmentally friendly and safe. It serves both people and the forest,” State Minister Brunner said, summarizing his impressions. “Regarding the issues of demographic change and the effects of climate change, I have seen not only a number of promising approaches, but also solutions during this tour” he said with pleasure. He noted that the exhibitors and companies that were present in Roding were showing off the entire range of the latest forestry machinery and equipment.

The Chairman of the KWF, Robert Morigl, was impressed with what the exhibitors have made out of the Roding conference site: “It was a great pleasure to see to what efforts and degrees of interest our exhibitors are presenting their products at their stands, with what skills they answer the detailed questions of the visitors, and the solutions that they offer.”

Clemens Neumann then awarded four products with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture’s 2016 Forest Technology prize for applications in small private forests. Robert Morigl will present the KWF Innovation Medals on the evening of the first day.

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