Tickets for exhibitors

Exhibitor passes and parking tickets are not sent!

Please pick-up your parking tickets and your exhibitor passes during the setting-up of the fair in person at the Fair Office - at the latest by June 08, 2016 around 5 pm.

The fair organisation and the fair office will be open during the set-up
from Wednesday, June 01 to Wednesday, June 08
from 900 to 1200 pm and 1 to 5 am.

Parking for Exhibitors

Parking Regulations have been revised completely!

All previously ordered parking tickets are void. Please read the conditions of parking regulations for exhibitors carefully and order your parking tickets with the form below, please.

For the set up there are no parking permits required!

Exhibitor Passes


241 kB

Customer Tickets / Customer Bonus Tickets

The order deadline for customer tickets and customer Bonus tickets expired on April 30, 2016 already.

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