Important Notice Catalogue Entries

Dear Exhibitor of the KWF-Tagung 2016,

we are writing you to make it clear that these practices have absolutely nothing to do with us or our events, and that we are in no way associated with  

  • Expo Guide


  • International Fairs Directory

  • Construct Data Verlag AG! 

It has come to our attention that several of our exhibitors of our fair 2012 have been contacted by a Mexican firm called EXPO GUIDE. This firm has been sending out order forms for catalogue entries. Despite all appearances, please be warned that these forms are NOT from KWF or KWF-Tagung! Exhibitors are also being asked to complete, confirm or update their company details by filling out an order form. They are being told this is to ensure smooth communications with exhibitors. Those who respond to this request effectively end up closing a three-year contract for the publication of their company details at an annual cost of EUR 1.271.

Please note that KWF and KWF-Tagung are in no way whatsoever associated with the "EXPO GUIDE". This company is operating as a separate entity completely without any connection with us, and we categorically disassociate ourselves from their business practices.



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