Category Machines / Tools

These are the nominations in the category "machines / tools". An expert Jury is going to choose the winner(s) of this category. The award ceremony will take place on 9 June at 6 p.m. on the stage of the Forst & Holz marketplace. 

Work safety / Ergonomics

Load brake for testing chainsaws (BayWa AG, Stand-No. B2-285)

Using the chainsaw load brake, all errors and defects in a chainsaw can be discovered without the risk of cutting oneself. The saw is securely mounted to the test bench for performance testing under real conditions and can be tested as long as desired with the help of a suction system.

Naturwerk KS16 tree stand (Naturwerk Jagd-Navanta GmbH, Stand-No. B2-078)

The Naturwerk BS16 tree stand allows the user to professionally climb the tree on which the stand is mounted or is to be mounted. The included quick-ascent device ensures fast and safe climbing up to the seat. A ladder, which is used in conventional stands, is no longer needed.

Branch carrier / Handheld pickaroon with blade (STUBAI ZMV GmbH, Stand-No. B2-915)

A new handheld pickaroon for lifting and clearing small, light pieces of wood. It has a blade for cutting through wood fiber residue and small branches, as well as a light, shatterproof aluminum handle for two-sided use.


Biokompakt ECO 50 to 150 E biomass heating system series (Biokompakt Heiztechnik GmbH, Stand-No. Z1-032)

The new electrostatic filter with fully automatic cleaning that has been developed by Biokompakt is integrated in the ECO boiler series and has emissions that are far below those required by the Federal Emissions Control Ordinance!

Drying chamber for the energy-efficient drying of Wood (drywoodboxx GmbH, Stand-No. C2-040)

With the new drying chamber from Drywoodboxx, the use of multiple fans can be dispensed with by eliminating the geographic distance between the heater and the material to be dried. Power consumption is reduced by over 90% compared to conventional fresh air / exhaust air drying.

QAD continuous flow dryer (HolzWert GmbH & Co. KG, Stand-No. C2-030)

The economic, energy-efficient and homogeneous drying system dries sawdust, wood chips and other biomass to any desired moisture content thanks to cross-ventilation from the inside to the outside and simple measurement and control engineering.

Computers, Measurement, Information management, Telecommunications and Logistics

NESTLE LH 50 caliper with one-hand Operation (Gottlieb Nestle GmbH, Stand-No. B1-135)

New laser caliper with one-hand operation, with no moving parts for the non-contact diameter measurement of vertical or horizontal timber.

Creation and care of forests

Husqvarna 536 LiPX battery-operated pruning saw (Husqvarna Deutschland GmbH, Stand-No. A1-250)

Battery-operated pruning saw designed especially for pruning young growth. A high chain speed, low weight, and low vibration allow great freedom of movement and precise work. The unit produces low noise and no emissions.

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