Category Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

These are the nominations in the category "Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)". An expert Jury is going to choose the winner(s) of this category. The award ceremony will take place on 9 June at 6 p.m. on the stage of the Forst & Holz marketplace. 

Work safety / Ergonomics

Rockman Ranger protective headgear combination with crash box (ENHA GmbH, Stand-No. B1-129)

Protective headgear combination with crash box: a double shell in the top contains elements that twist into each other to the maximum degree when subjected to an impact. The impact energy is thus significantly reduced.

AX-MEN Defender Pro cut protection trousers (EVG Sulzberg, Stand-No. B3-270)

The new outer fabric of the AX MEN Defender Pro cut protection trousers is almost twice the tensile strength of Kevlar even though the grammage is low. In addition, the trousers have an elastic knee area for comfort.

NORDFOREST HIGH VIEW helmet combination (Grube KG, Stand-No. B1-110)

The helmet combination, consisting of a 3M Peltor V4 visor, 3M hearing protection, and the HIGHVIEW helmet, provides a transparent helmet peak. It is smoke-colored and permits a barely obstructed view of the crown area that extends about 60° upwards.

Protos Integral wireless Bluetooth capsule (Protos GmbH, Stand-No. B3-322)

The Protos Integral wireless Bluetooth capsule is a hearing protector with a communication system to a Bluetooth base - including a park function on the helmet. It does not need any cables or plugs. The continuously open radio channel increases safety, efficiency and performance.

HS-MUTLI-PROTECT hedge trimmer protective trousers (STIHL AG & Co. KG, Stand-No. A2-080)

When used together with the patented HS leg protectors, the HS MUTLI-PROTECT hedge trimmer protective trousers protect the user’s thighs and knees from injuries caused by pinching and cutting when working with a hedge trimmer.

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