Category Accessories

These are the nominations in the category "accessories". An expert Jury is going to choose the winner(s) of this category. The award ceremony will take place on 9 June at 6 p.m. on the stage of the Forst & Holz marketplace. 

Work safety / Ergonomics

OREGON SpeedCut cutting equipment for chainsaws (Blount GmbH, Stand-No. B3-185)

New track-based saw chain system with extra narrow cutting width. Many new features and improvements make the system lighter, stronger, faster, and more durable, thus letting it be much more effective for the end user.

D2FOREST safety system for combined work processes (machine / manual) (Wahlers Forsttechnik GmbH, Stand-No. B3-395)

The D2FOREST system was devised to minimize risks caused by forestry equipment to persons working manually in combined work processes, such as “harvester with feller”. As soon as a person equipped with the system approaches the danger zone of the machine, both the harvester operator and the approaching person receive a warning.

Felling / Hauling of wood

Pfanzelt logLINE towing bar suspension System (Pfanzelt Maschinenbau GmbH, Stand-No. B1-500)

The Pfanzelt towing bar suspension system offers more safety for logging trailers. Using this system, logging trailers can be placed horizontally on slopes. For road travel, the system is used for suspension.

WOODCRACKER CS wood cutting head series / CS580 – CS780 (WESTTECH Maschinenbau GmbH, Stand-No. A1-830)

Novel wood cutting head with rigid mounting to excavators for safety-related felling along roads, highways, in villages, etc. in which the tree is to be removed vertically. The gripping arms automatically and individually adjust to the shape of the tree so that slipping is prevented. Specialized operations for storm damage as well as snow and ice loads are also possible.

Lubricants / Inks

KAJO-BIO-Longlife Grease LZR 2 lubricant (KAJO-Schmierstoff-Technik GmbH, Stand-No. Z4-040)

A novel grease that consists of 83% renewable raw materials. It is suitable for all forestry machines and is rapidly biodegradable. It is the first lubricant to be awarded the German “Blauer Engel” and the Ecolabel.

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