History of the KWF-Tagung

The Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik e.V. has organised the KWF-Tagung since 1964. The first event took place in Lüneburg under the heading "Forest establishment- technical possibilities and innovative approaches". Until the 1980s each KWF-Tagung focussed on a special topic presented in practical demonstrations for forest professionals.

The presentation of forest technology in the forest stand proved to be highly successful among the visitors, resulting in a rapid increase in the number of participating manufacturers and dealers. This development also influenced the choice of topics for the KWF-Tagung, which became both more complex and varied.

At first, the KWF-Tagung was held every two years. However, this changed in 1977, when the 7th event took place in Schmallenberg. Since then, the KWF-Tagung takes place every four years. The only exception was in 1988 when the decision was taken to switch to even years, to avoid a clash with the events organised by the Deutscher Forstverein (DFV). The new cycle also means that the KWF-Tagung alternates with the Interforst trade show in München. This arrangement ensures that an international key event for the forest sector takes place in Central Europe every two years.

Traditionally each KWF-Tagung takes place at a new event location and is hosted by a different state forestry office or enterprise. This ensures that the event meets the diverse conditions and requirements within the European forestry sector. This however requires a huge organisational effort.

As visitor and exhibitor numbers continue to rise, the KWF-Tagung has grown into the most important forest technology event in Central Europe and one of the largest forest technology trade fairs in the world.

The youngest development, the so-called KWF-Theme Days. This "small KWF-Tagung" fills the four-year gap between the large KWF-Tagung events. The theme days always focus on a current issue and are therefore a useful addition to the KWF professional event portfolio. The first Theme Days were a great success and took in September 2010 under the heading "Mechanised tree harvesting operations and soil conservation" in Rheinland-Pfalz.

Year Tagung/Location Topic/Motto Exhibitors/Visitors
2020 18. KWF-Tagung Schwarzenborn Experiencing Forestry n.n.
2016 17. KWF-Tagung Roding Forests - People - Markets - Sustainable synergies 551 exhibitors
from 24 countries
Around 51,000 visitors
2012 16. KWF-Tagung Bopfingen Fascination Forestry – gaining by cooperating 534 exhibitors
from 26 countries
50.306 visitors
2008 15. KWF-Tagung Schmallenberg Forest technology live in a windthrown forest 515 exhibitors
from 23 countries
43.115 visitors
2004 14. KWF-Tagung Groß-Umstadt Process orientation in forestry - new technology 364 exhibitors
from 16 countries
34.144 visitors
2000 13. KWF-Tagung Celle Forestry in line with Man, nature, technology 380 exhibitors
from 17 countries
30.748 visitors
1996 12. KWF-Tagung Oberhof Forest technology for near-natural forestry 309 exhibitors
from 14 countries
30.152 visitors
1992 11. KWF-Tagung Koblenz Forest work in transition 201 exhibitors
from 10 countries
22.000 visitors
1988 10. KWF-Tagung Heilbronn Tending the stand – investment for the future 125 exhibitors
15.000 visitors
1985 9. KWF-Tagung Ruhpolding Low impact tree harvesting 82 exhibitors
6.000 visitors
1981 8. KWF-Tagung Kassel Stand regeneration in the low mountain ranges not specified
1977 7. KWF-Tagung Schmallenberg Operational structures and mechanization not specified
1975 6. KWF-Tagung Braunschweig Thinning not specified
1973 5. KWF-Tagung Trier The forest, the person working in the forest and forest technology not specified
1971 4. KWF-Tagung Bayreuth Work and operational organisation in mechanized forestry work not specified
1968 3. KWF-Tagung Bad Homburg Technological opportunities for improving the economy of forest operations not specified
1966 2. KWF-Tagung Freudenstadt Wood transport not specified
1964 1. KWF-Tagung Lüneburg Forest establishment- technical possibilities and innovative approaches not specified
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