The application of UAV technology in agriculture and forestry is currently being studied in various research projects. In addition to fixed-wing aircraft, primarily rotor-driven aircraft (quadro-, hexa-, and octocopters) are being used for certain applications. Currently, the following practical applications in forestry, among others, are under discussion:
• monitoring of forest protection risks (bark beetles)
• recording and processing of storm damage
• layout of cable routes when harvesting wood on steep slopes
In order to show specific potential applications in forestry, the current state of the art is being organized and presented in the special exhibition “Drones in forestry” for the KWF-Tagung 2016. In addition, perspectives for use in the forest will be presented in a classical tripartite division:
• practical presentation of possible areas of use (presentation of current implementation projects)
• technical discussion of application concepts
• market overview and presentation of existing UAV systems
The goal is to combine the neutral presentation of application projects with exhibiting service provider companies and manufacturers to create an up-to-date overall exhibition.



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