The German Draught Horses Association (Interessengemeinschaft Zugpferde e.V. IGZ) is presenting an extensive special show on the topic of using horses in modern forest management.
Over four days, the members of the IGZ will be presenting various ways to use horses in practice during work in the forest, whereby they will also be available as points of contact.
With the “Cologne and Wittgensteiner Method”, they will be presenting a working method largely applied in deciduous stocks. In this method, the timber is felled using the chainsaw and then brought by horses to the machine line. From there, a forwarder transports it to the stacking location.
In addition, soil wounding for seeding and to initiate natural rejuvenation will be demonstrated.
At this year’s KWF-Tagung the IGZ invites guests from the world of policy, society und forestry technology to their Red Couch, to discuss perspectives of the use of horses in the forestry with them. Furthermore they will work out new points of view on carful forest handling and interesting impulses for future dimensions of the use of horses in German forests.
The second German Horse Skidder Championships will take place on the Sunday. The best horse skidders – from across Germany – will prove their skills with single and pair teams on the true-to-practice obstacle course. The demanding course promises spectators exciting contests. The single and pair teams will pull a pine trunk of 12 metres in length through a predefined skidding course, scoring as few faults as possible. As parts of this year’s Championships is the awarding of the IGZ-Heinrich-Cotta-Prize. The idea behind this award is ambitious: forests with a future, a vital and healthy forest thanks to soil friendly technology.

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