Regulating the wildlife population, in particular of wild boar, requires hunting methods which are both effective and that cause as little disturbance to the animals as possible. The ability to change position rapidly and set-up equipment quickly are especially beneficial when hunting wild boar in the field. It is a well-known fact that wily game animals remember where the “most dangerous” raised hides in their territories are located – and endeavour to avoid them. This is why several alternatives to the classic, stationary structures have now become available, such as mobile hunting hides mounted on vehicle trailers, for example.
More recently, drive hunting stands and hides made of plastic have become availa-ble and these have also undergone testing by the KWF, with successful results. However, “plastic raised hides” take some getting used to. The material – recycled plastic – is mostly obtained from the “yellow sack” recycling scheme and only a small amount of supplementary material needs to be added. Products manufactured in this way are comparatively heavy, but also highly durable, stable and weatherproof. Tree stands, still in the familiarisation phase in Germany, are light and easily handled by a single person. They can be installed very quickly on a suitable tree.
Various items of hunting gear and equipment will be presented at the special exhibi-tion. The practical section of the exhibition will also demonstrate how safe hunting hides can be constructed using poles that you can obtain yourself. The only items of equipment required are petrol chainsaws and hand tools. Experienced hunt-ers/exhibitors will be on-hand for your questions and suggestions and the KWF hunting team will be available at JAGDINFO for in-depth discussions.
A snack comprising domestic game products will satisfy visitor’s gastronomical well-being. Furthermore, you will also be able to test your aiming accuracy under highly realistic conditions at the simulated shooting gallery.

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