Working in a forest is one of the most dangerous occupations because it involves the handling of various tools, from chainsaws to winches, in a wide variety of applications. Therefore, cable winches must function safely and reliably.

In general, a cable winch must satisfy the state of the art in compliance with the relevant construction requirements.
According to the accident prevention regulations for technical equipment in Germany, cable winches must be subjected to a safety inspection by a “qualified person” once a year.
These tests consist of visual and functional tests. They cover mainly the completeness, suitability, and effectiveness of safety devices, as well as the condition of the device or other changes.
In cable winch tests that have been performed, significant deficiencies in the winch settings have been found repeatedly. To perform such complex tests, the KWF has developed a mobile test bench in cooperation with “LBG Baden-Württemberg”. This will be demonstrated in practical use at the 17th KWF-Tagung at the “Testing of cable winches” special exhibition.
The test bench can be used to determine the maximum cable tension, the brake overlap, and the brake holding force of cable winches in a relatively short time and at low cost. As verification of the test, an electronically supported and tamper-proof test log is created; a printout is given to the operator of the cable winch.
In the meantime, this testing and recording device has also been adopted by some manufacturers for quality assurance of their cable winches.

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