the idea of the modern, professional provision of various kinds of round timber. We are talking about small machine technology, such as ATVs (all terrain vehicles) or quads with timber transport trailers equipped with cranes or other adapted moving equipment – there are almost no limits to the variety here. But also the use of old farm equipment as transport vehicles for modern farming units, such as three-point forestry winches or the like, has become an everyday reality today. This is especially true in the field of semi- or non-professional woodcutting or small-scale forest enterprises.
The objectives that are to be achieved here are extremely varied. They range from private woodcutters who use the technology just because they enjoy it (in order to, for example, retrieve their firewood from forest roads) to private forest owners who want to have a tool that lets them work more flexibly. Whatever the intent behind the use of these machines and equipment is, the factor that is crucial from the perspective of the Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik (KWF; Board of Forestry and Forestry Technology) is that this technique is used sensibly, safely and in an environmentally friendly manner according to its performance parameters.
The goal of the “DIY woodcutting” special exhibition is to discuss the issues mentioned above, addressing non- or semi-professional woodcutters as well as smaller agricultural and forestry enterprises. The aim should be to offer such people a set of topics that they feel is tailored to their needs. Within the resulting forum, the current know-how is to be further developed to ensure a sustainable, reliable, and both socially as well as environmentally sound use of wood, and to improve this if necessary.

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